Dodge Logo, Before and After

In November of last year, Fiat — which owns the majority of what was once Chrysler Group LLC, which itself owned Dodge — announced that it would be separating its line-up into two separate brands: One for the popular Dodge Ram trucks and the other for the normal-sized cars. The first brand is now simply known as Ram and has kept the original ram logo, leaving the second brand, Dodge, to look for a logo of its own.


Apologies for the pixelation.


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Looking to portray a more “sporty” personality, Dodge has adopted the two stripes of Chrysler Group’s SRT brand, short for Street and Racing Technology, and a group responsible for the development of sporty cars like the Dodge Viper.



The red stripes originally appeared in models like the Challenger RT above and in the SRT logo.

The new logo is nothing too exciting to extract passionate opinions from anyone but I think the same could be said for most of Dodge’s cars, so in a way it is fitting. Despite all the obnoxious metal shading, the extended wordmark is actually well done if you can look past it. The red stripes also immediately achieve the sporty look Dodge is after in a very basic way, a kind of watered down, racing visual language. The favicon on the new Dodge web site is probably the best implementation of the identity so far — but that’s not really saying a lot. Images of how the new logo will look on cars are yet to be seen, but hopefully it’s nothing like the one below.


Classy race car livery with the new wordmark and stripes.

Thanks to Fred for the tip.

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