Eindhoven Logo, Before and After

Because my knowledge of Eindhoven is minimal, here is a slightly edited Wikipedia description: “Eindhoven is a municipality and a city located in the province of North Brabant in the south of the Netherlands, originally at the confluence of the Dommel and Gender streams. The city had 218,559 inhabitants (November 2012) and 261,082 if adjacent Veldhoven is included, making it the fifth-largest city of the Netherlands and the largest of North Brabant.” A new identity for the city has been launched by Eindhoven365, an organization that combines the operations of CityDynamiek and Eindhoven VVV (the regional tourist bureau) to establish a “clear city marketing strategy for the purpose of creating a strong brand policy and brand perception for the city of Eindhoven”. The identity and strategy have been designed by the “Virtual Design Agency”, a collaboration of various local individuals and firms. For additional information and process images, a comprehensive Tumblr has been going on for a few months.

Eindhoven Logo and Identity

The new logo symbolizes the energy of the city of Eindhoven. Peter Kentie, City Eindhoven365 Marketer, explains: “That energy originated in the 19th century with the activity around the Dommel and later successes include Philips and DAF. Even today Eindhoven crack of the many technological and creative developments. “According Kentie this is the energy which Eindhoven in many areas a strategic future ahead. With the aim of an even stronger economy and a pleasant, vibrant city.
Press release (Google-translated)

Identity introduction. Not sure why the video turns into a rave halfway through.

Eindhoven Logo and Identity

Eindhoven Logo and Identity

Eindhoven Logo and Identity

Grid and coloring possibilities.

Eindhoven Logo and Identity

Custom font.

Eindhoven Logo and Identity

Eindhoven Logo and Identity

I’m not sure what the old logo was. An abstraction of the city map? A squished-fly version of the Dropbox logo? Who knows. But clearly, it sucked. The new logo is much clearer — energy! — but still ambiguous enough to leave room for interpretation. The new icon could, of course, be for every single energy company in the world — I would be surprised if it isn’t already — but it follows (as I now know thanks to this Port of Amsterdam logo) the same construction as the XXX logo of Amsterdam, establishing a kind of Netherlands house style for city logos. It’s not the greatest of icons and its flexibility isn’t quite as sophisticated but it does its job efficiently. The custom typography has a bit of a dual-mullet effect: from afar it looks like any number of European-ish sans serifs but up close it, literally, has an edge to it, with some rather weird notches and appendages. Overall, it’s a lukewarm version, tempered for a city, of what you would expect from Dutch design.

Thanks to Roy Swinkels for the tip.

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