Starbucks Follow-Up

Today marks the 40th anniversary of Starbucks. It’s also the day when the new “STARBUCKS”-less Starbucks logo and identity go into effect and we have some nice photographs of the new cups, cup holders, and shopping bags right here. As part of the anniversary, Starbucks is also introducing a new coffee blend, called Tribute, and a new range of sweet snacks called Starbucks Petites. On their site be sure to check out a cute animation on the home page.

Starbucks Follow-Up

Starbucks Follow-Up

Starbucks Follow-Up

Starbucks Follow-Up

Starbucks Follow-Up

There are no surprises with the new identity — actually, I take that back, I like the introduction of the surprising new bright green on the cup holder, it adds a nice touch of vibrancy — and everything falls in place with the idea of evolution. Nothing is a vast departure from the current materials people encounter at Starbucks, but it certainly feels new and re-energized. I like the extreme cropping and off-center application of the logo in the different products and merchandise, it makes the logo less “precious” and more something you can have fun with. Not sure about the wobbly star pattern on the side of the shopping bag, seems too random in contrast to the rest of the very controlled look, but certainly a minor complaint on the overall improvement that this new identity brings.

Dry as nails B-Roll but plenty more images to be found. Click here if you have problems viewing above.

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