Follow-up: Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

In May we reported on the redesign of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam identity by Mevis & Van Deursen that I described with zingers like “To call it a Type 101 exercise would be advanced” and placing its “concept and execution at the lowest end of the scale.” The comments raged on 200-plus strong and many came to the logo’s defense. I admit that it was one of the few times where I really felt that I got my impression and review wrong. That I was being obtuse. But every time I look at that logo I still see nothing that makes me want to like it on its own — now there is a little more graphic context to the logo thanks to a video posted by the Stedelijk, and shown below (or after the jump) where we see more of the application and hear from its designers.

There are glimmers of something interesting going on in all those applications shown. I still don’t get that tingly sensation in my spider senses that I get with work that I actually like but the larger visual language supports the logo and extends its appearance. Yet, there remains something very aseptic and dry and, well, just plain boring about it that may make me sound like a logo curmudgeon. But I’m fine with that. I trust my instinct and I still wish the whole thing had a little more finesse.

Thanks to Paul Wagner for the tip.

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