Friday Likes 05

For today’s likes I’m showing some extremes: From super busy and heady to relaxed and simple. Pick your end of the spectrum.

Kyiv Biennale of Contemporary Art

Friday Likes 01

For the inaugural Kyiv Biennale of Contemporary Art Jonathan Barnbrook has created a richly textured identity that revolves around an open source font that cycles through letters in different alphabets. There is much more to see and read at the link. [More]


Baby Best

Friday Likes 01

Not live yet, but assured it’s coming soon is a redesign of a british line of baby products called Baby Best, designed by Hong Kong-based Not Available. I just love the awkwardly shape castles and pretty overlapping colors. [More]


Mal de Mar

Friday Likes 01

Sometimes all you need is a gorgeous, symmetric monogram to get you going, as is the case with this logo by Monterrey, Mexico-based Face for Mal de Mar, an online journal. [More]

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