Friday Likes

After doing Friday Likes for 12 weeks now, I am amazed at how much international work I end up choosing. It’s not even on purpose. Today we have kids toys from Russia, on-air type stylings from Italy via Argentina, and spicy delights from Mexico.



Tomik is a line of wooden children toys in Russia, selling puzzles, figurines, stackables, and more. Tomsk, Russia-based Province Design Studio created a logo that clearly reflects both the products’ material and playfulness but my favorite part of the identity is a set of typefaces (or more like alphabets) that follow the same structure but are made to look like woodblocks, meccano, and a couple of other cool textures, giving the whole system a bit of subtle variety. (I’m not sure what’s up with the little train logo; that’s the only thing in the whole project that looks out of place). [More].


“Typographic IDs” for History Channel

History Channel

I’ll preemptively admit: this is not quite a logo, identity, or branding project. It does, however, identify… and use type… and… whatever. It’s cool. These are vintage typographic bits by Buenos Aires, Argentina-based Santiago Wardak for use in on-air idents for History Channel in Italy. You have to see them bigger and in motion with the moody footage. [More]




One of my favorite studios, Anagrama, returns to Friday Likes with this identity for Bermellón, a Monterrey, Mexico-based line of artisanal spicy candy and treats — which is a wholly Mexican thing and one of the food groups I miss the most. The logo is a little too over-stenciled for my taste but I love the Prada-ish effect it achieves and making it feel luxurious. The real delight comes from the packaging that is both insanely colorful with crazy gradient boxes and seriously stark with extremely simple black on white labels. Picoso![More]

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