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Reviewed Jan. 15, 2016 by Armin

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A bit of eclecticism with some minimalism in between today with work from Mérida, Tel Aviv, and Paris.

Marte Studio by Bienal | Comunicación

Marte Studio by Bienal | Comunicación

Marte Estudio is a hair and make-up salon in Mérida, Yucatán in Mexico with an eclectic personality of its own that is reflected in the identity by local firm Bienal | Comunicación. The logo is typeset in the clunky and quirky but always satisfying Orator and paired with a 1980s-tastic color palette with glimmers of gold paper that make the magenta typesetting vibrate with good vibes. There is an additional “HAIR & MAKE UP” wobbly wordmark and some icons and none of them are really related to each other but when thrown together in applications they work in how little they work together. There is a bonus application of classic paintings with small bursts of illustrations on top that take them from classic to bitchin’. See full project

Cofix by Kapsoola

Cofix by Kapsoola

This may be old news to our Israeli readers, as Cofix has been on the market since 2013, but I just learned about it by perusing the work of Tel Aviv-based Kapsoola. The thing about Cofix is that every product in their store is 5 Shekels (US$1.27) no matter what, making it a disruptive entry into a Starbucks world. With 50 locations across Israel I imagine it has a big enough presence and the boldly designed coffee cups must be the best unpaid advertising it could get. The logo itself is fine — looks like Avant Garde out of the box — but the application on the cup is superb. It reminds me of Vignelli’s Bloomingdale’s shopping bags or even having the effect of Bierut’s Saks Fifth Avenue bags, where you notice people on the street carrying them in their hands. The other applications are nice as well and keep the black and white minimalism aesthetic, making it look like the most bad-ass-yet-mainstream coffee shop chain possible. See full project

Terras’ Hotel by WIPbrands

Terras' Hotel by WIPbrands

Terrass’ is an upscale hotel in Paris, France, housed in a nineteenth-century building in the Montmartre district. Its identity, designed by local firm WIPbrands, features a labyrinthine wordmark that is quite enigmatic and beautifully executed. It gets major bonus points for doing two different “R”s and “S”s and not just repeating them. Its only flaw is that it reduces terribly but when it’s big it’s absolutely great. The same language extends to numerals and icons that help establish a consistent look throughout the hotel, particularly with the floor and room numbers extruding from the walls and doors that will get you back on your path if you get too lost looking at the logo. See full project

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