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Friday Likes 19

Friday Likes Oct. 5, 2012 by Armin

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Friday Likes

Generally, Friday Likes are of smaller scale projects in terms of client size and overall deployment needs, which makes sense as that’s where there is usually more room for out of the ordinary solutions. Today I have three bigger-ish projects that may not be as quirky or design-ey but they still have a lot to like.



A 77-year-old beauty product brand owned by Boots and sold at its 2,500 retail locations, No7 is a line of cosmetics and skin care that already had a pretty decent look. Thy recently launched a modernized version of their existing minimalist package that is now more expressive, bold, and still refined. Designed by Hackney, UK-based Two Create, the new design covers 70 different brand packaging formats. Smother me in some of that. [More].


World Chess

World Chess

You know that scene in Inception when the streets fold unto themselves? That’s what this logo reminds me of. A chess board imploding/exploding unto itself across three axis. If you stare at it long enough it blows your mind a little. Designed by Pentagram partner John Rushworth for World Chess, the organization responsible for the venerable World Chess Championship, the new logo is not only very chess-inspired it also almost looks like a secret cult logo, especially as seen in partner Daniel Weil’s Harvard-house-like settings. Pentagram totally pwned it. (See what I did there? Internet meme + chess terminology all at once). [More]


Goodwill SF

Goodwill SF

Now headed by a former creative director of Target, the San Francisco chapter of Goodwill is aiming to be considered as fashionable, hip, and relevant as the retail giant. When you think of Goodwill there really isn’t a visual association to it, other than barely-kept stores where you might find a treasure or two. With the help of illustrator Craig Frazier, Goodwill SF is touting those treasures across its trucks that are out on donation pick-ups regularly and now each displays dozens of silhouetted objects with one that has been picked out for a second or third use. The trucks look great and vibrant and they are sure to become a staple of the San Francisco landscape. They are also giving the Goodwill logo, a circle arrow, some more prominence. I had no idea Goodwill even had a logo. It’s no treasure, but it’s a find. [More]



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