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Friday Likes 46

Friday Likes May. 24, 2013 by Armin

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Friday Likes

Friday Likes have been a little crazy and out there these past couple of weeks. Today I thought I would change the pace with some solid, non-flashy, good, and/or pretty design. These may not get the most “Appreciations” on Behance but they are projects I would be proud to have in my own portfolio any time.

Brother Zeke’s Barbecue

Brother Zeke's Barbecue

Located in Hoover, Alabama, Brother Zeke’s Barbecue serves “Nothin fancy, just good old hickory pit smoked BBQ” which is a perfect way of describing their identity designed by Birmingham, AL-based Slaughter Group. Strong, simple typography; tasty, limited color palette; and plenty of applications to deploy it on. Smother it, brother. [More].


Res Rei

Res Rei

For Helsinki-based Res Rei, a small business consultancy, Budapest-based Eszter Laki made a sophisticated, upscale identity out of low-budget tools: the type for the wordmark and monogram — which at first I thought was custom — is the the free font Metropolis by Josip Kelava, and the stationery is printed using rubber stamps. Nice and simple with a twist. I just wish there was an “A” in the Res Rei business name so that the “A” that results in bringing together the two “R”s in the monogram would represent something. Nonetheless, solid. [More]


Surup Cafe

Surup Cafe

I’ll be the first to admit: what I like best about this project is the pink background used for the photos. It really helps makes this identity for Surup Cafe in Hamburg by Moscow-based Sergey Parfenov stand out. There really isn’t much to the identity: a script wordmark (that looks out of the box as opposed to lettering), centered serif type, sometimes sans serif in a circle, everything centered, and printed on a light pink. Simple. Pretty. Macaroons. Macarons. [More]



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