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Today I am dedicating Friday Likes to a single project.

Google Visual Assets Guidelines

Google Visual Assets Guidelines

For such a long time Google had ignored its aesthetics in favor of its algorithms, functionality, and ad-selling superpowers that we just took it for granted that any Google product would look like shit, starting with its barebones home page and unadorned search results. There is nothing wrong with simplicity and straightforwardness but that didn’t mean stuff had to look like just one step above Netscape circa 1999. For a company infamous for battling (and testing) over 41 shades of blue their visual design was always disappointing. But things have been changing dramatically over the last couple of years with every product getting handsome and beneficial aesthetic improvements that enhance the experience making information easier and more pleasant to access. Logos are flatter, icons are clearer, typography is better typeset, and colors are more consistent. And when you look at this two-part project posted on Behance you will see where it’s all coming from — if not the exact ingredients that you might encounter on a day-to-day basis at least the principles and driving decisions that inform the way Google looks-and-feels today. The guidelines themselves are also excellent: clear, well written, entertaining, and simply pretty to look at. Who would have thought? [Part 1 / Part 2].

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