Galavisión Logo, Before and After

Launched in 1979 and owned by Univision, Galavisión is the leading Spanish language cable network in the United States and is described as “the direct, sexy, funny and alternative cable network that brings the best of modern Mexico to U.S. Hispanics.” The channel’s programming is a mix of comedy, lifestyle, documentary, “supernatural-themed programs”, and, of course, telenovelas, drawing much of its content from the Mexican TV superpower, Televisa. Earlier this month, Galavisión introduced a new logo designed by New York, NY-based PMcD Design.

[The] new look reflects the fun, fresh and modern attitude of today’s Hispanic American audiences. The new brand identity maintains the familiar “G” mark and orange color palette, but now with a clean, contemporary and unique design that is dynamic, fluid, and all embracing.
Press Release

Galavisión Logo

On the detail views above and below, the monogram changes into a 3D version.

Galavisión Logo

The old logo was absolutely hideous. There really isn’t any other way to put it. The awful “G” that spears some kind of olive-like shape and the tittle-less wordmark, all drenched in a drab orange and blue color palette didn’t quite make for much of a memorable mark. The new logo is better. But only because of the aforementioned qualities of its predecessor. The new monogram is an abstract interpretation of a “G” that comes in two varieties: flat and 3D, just like its parent company — see review here. Except… here the perspectives don’t match. On the flat logo we see the “G” from the front and on the 3D we see it rotated slightly on two different axis, giving you completely different views. Both, however, are equally poor. The 3D view in its graphic “explicitness” leaves nothing to the imagination and all it is is an extruded shape with a minor bevel. The flat view, which could be sort of interesting in that the right-side shape could be perceived as the inner funnel of the “G” is not supported in the 3D view, so it really doesn’t make sense at all.

Galavisión Logo

Then there is the typography. It tries to follow Univision’s lead with a geometric sans serif but instead of doing it right and even borrowing the damn “vision” characters Galavisión shares with it, they do something that sort of looks like it but it’s actually just a much poorer rendition of it. Just compare the “s”s. Awful. Underneath the wordmark is a descriptor, available in both English and Spanish flavors, set in Helvetica, which has nothing to do with the type above it. Lastly, the descriptor is set in a shade of gray just about 10% or 15% lighter. Why?Either make them the same or obviously different. Overall, this is only better by comparison but in the end it’s just a random “G” monogram with second-rate typography.

Thanks to James I. Bowie for the tip.

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