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Geometric Car Sharing

Reviewed Jun. 1, 2011 by Armin

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Modo Logo, Before and After

Established in 1997 in Vancouver as The Car Co-op & The Company Car, this not-for-profit, car sharing co-operative counts with 7,000 members and over 200 locations to pick up from a selection of 230 vehicles in bubbly, colorful variations from hatchbacks to hybrids to minivans. This past March, the coop changed its name to Modo and introduced a new identity designed by Vancouver-based Cause+Affect.

The new brand has a simple, memorable name: Modo. We crafted an image for Modo that borrowed from European signage. It was cool, yet timeless with bold colours and basic shapes to make Modo recognizable and memorable. We avoided obvious “green” imagery because Modo is more than just sustainable; it is also economical, convenient and fun.
— Cause+Affect Case Study

Why Modo? What does it mean? It’s a reference to modality, multi-modal, modern. Because Modo represents us, it will come to mean a lot of things: freedom, sustainability, community, and convenience. Our look and feel are changing, but we remain the same. Now we’ll be better able to share the benefits of carsharing with more people.
Modo News


A few more car/logo color combinations here.






The previous logo had all the bad connotations of a hippie, coop brand: too green, too playful, too naive (I mean, seriously, “o”s as wheels?) while trying to look overly professional. In its defense, the typography was quite decent, except that someone should have told them that when you have a three-word name with 22 characters, an extended typeface isn’t the best idea. So, yes, it had to go at some point. The new logo is certainly more professional and contemporary and goes very well with the name, even if the name is a little pretentious in that trying-to-sound-European kind of way and I don’t get, at all, why there is a period with the name on the logo, followed by lowercase. Trendy and an affront to basic laws of writing gooder sentences. The annoyances of the logo diminish when applied and the pretty colors and simple typography do a very good job of communicating that this is a friendly service to Vancouverites and their lovely environment. The supporting basic geometric shapes that pop up all over the place are okay, a little annoying too because they don’t really stand for anything conceptually but they look pretty. Overall, a decent evolution of the brand despite some conceptual shortcomings.


A round logo will always make for a great cookie.

Thanks to Jeff Werner for the tip.



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