GNT Logo, Before and After

Originally launched in 1991 as a news network, GNT: Globosat News Television is part of the 34-channel line-up of the Brazilian television network Globosat. Two reinventions later, the channel dropped the meaning of its acronym, going solely with GNT and changing its scope to cater to a female audience since 2003, showing original programming as well as American imports like The Oprah Winfrey Show, Weeds, Nigella, and Late Show with David Letterman. Back in March — sorry for the delay — GNT revised its logo and introduced a new on-air identity designed in-house.

Images and videos sourced from IdeaFixa, who has the full story (in Portuguese). They have some nice photos of GNT’s office with the work in progress.


Overlap of old and new logos. Blueish is old. Redish is new.


The equivalent of a full moon, the old logo featured a fool swoosh, creating the appearance of a complete circle. So a big thank you, first and foremost, to the in-house team for removing it and to the corporate officers for allowing it. Since the channel has been through a few transformations it was probably a good idea to keep the old wordmark to make sure current viewers didn’t think another big change was coming. I don’t have any strong feelings against or in favor of the wordmark, it’s not bad but it’s not great. The new version certainly improves it with better proportion and a less extreme contrast between thicks and thins, which I’m sure were getting lost on TV when the logo went smaller.


On-air evolution from old logo to new logo and animation.

Reel of on-air look.

The on-air look is pretty great. There are a couple of things I really enjoy: the way the logo moves, bounces, and blurs along with the live-action footage, perhaps cheesy at times, but playful for the most part; and the springy, blurry rectangle that frames the information, providing a very dynamic layering of color and textures. Overall this is a great redesign that seems to fit the programming and audience perfectly.


Instructions for print applications.

Thanks to Luã Leão for the tip.

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