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This will be a very short introductory paragraph because I don’t have a lot of information about the subject at hand and because said subject is not the typical organization we cover on Brand New. Here is what you need to know: is a Russian gaming portal focused on Role-Playing Games (RPG). Think Dungeons & Dragons evolved for the twenty-first century generation. A new identity for the site and company has been designed by Erohnovich Roma with 3D rendering by Stanislav Linus.

Alternate logos.

You might look at the before-and-after header image and question what’s the difference. Not much to be honest, as the premise is sort of the same: A heraldic device that instead of horses and ribbons it has machine guns and daggers. The new one explodes that premise into an amazingly varied system that creates various logos that represent the different kinds of RPG games available today, from the medieval to the sci-fi. The system is achieved through a library of silver and green 3D elements that can be arranged not just as as different logos but as a whole alphabet. The separate elements don’t look like much when presented by themselves but when they come together, first as logos and then as an alphabet, the whole identity becomes quite impressive.

A sampling of the individual identity elements, above. As an alphabet, below.

Stationery, above and below. (Love that the envelope says “Read Me” in the mean alphabet).

All images from Erohnovich’s Behance project page.

Despite the bombastic elements and visuals, the identity is remarkably restrained creating a very memorable clash. I fear I may be alone in my extreme praise but this is one of the best and most appropriate identities I have seen in a long time. For the topic, for the audience, and for the new approach to super detailed identities, this is one where everything comes together perfectly.

Thanks to Ryan Torgeson for the tip.

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Reviewed May 9, 201105.09.11 by Armin

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