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Kraft Foods, Rearranging the Puzzle

Reviewed Jul. 7, 2009 by Armin

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Kraft Foods Logo, Before and After

A little over five months ago Kraft Foods introduced its new corporate logo with an accompanying press release that stated: “[The new logo] signals to employees, consumers and investors what the new Kraft Foods is all about.” This past week Kraft Foods modified its logo already. So, as a consumer, what this logo change signals to me about Kraft Foods is a company that can not make sound decisions to begin with and, once made, can not live with them. Which is a little harsh, but if we are to believe what we read in press releases, then let’s keep corporations accounted for their spin.

Kraft Foods Logo, Before and After

Kraft Foods Logo, Before and After

New and old logos in big.

The biggest problem of course is not what the press release said but what the change says about the logo and its elements: They are inconsequential. It doesn’t matter if the icon faces one way or another. It doesn’t matter if the shapes are in one order or the other. It doesn’t matter if the colors are solid or gradient. It doesn’t matter if the type is bold or light. It doesn’t matter if the smile is angled one way or another. These are all expendable visual cues that don’t require commitment or investment. There is no stake from the company in the logo. Of course, it doesn’t help at all that the new logo is no better at all than the old one, it’s simply rearranging the deck chairs on this logo Titanic.

Thanks to Make Seriously for the tip.



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