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Mall of America Gets Wrapped Up

Mall of America Logo, Before and After

Opened to the public in 1992 in the suburb of Bloomington in Minneapolis near the Twin Cities, the Mall of America (MOA) is he United States’ largest retail and entertainment complex as a 4.87 million square foot structure sitting in a plot of land 78 acres big — either 7 baseball stadiums or 32 Boeing 747s would fit inside. Attracting 42 million visitors annually, MOA houses 520 shops, an indoor amusement park with 27 rides, an indoor aquarium, a 14-screen movie theater, and even a chapel that weds over 300 couples every year. In other words: it’s big, it’s bombastic, and, um, it’s big. Yesterday, MOA introduced its new identity designed by Minneapolis-based Duffy & Partners.

The creative process recognized the equity found in the star of the original logo and transformed it into the dynamic new star made of vibrant colored ribbons. The ribbons depict the multitude of the always fresh, exciting and new experiences at Mall of America which is the magic of the brand.
Press release

Mall of America Logo and Identity

Mall of America Logo and Identity

As an animation, flowing ribbons of color streak across the screen to create the “star” shape. These ribbons are designed to be a nod to the ribbons of the retired Mall of America logo. The fluid motion of the ribbons represents the Mall’s constant change and innovation, while the ribbons themselves are more literally interpreted as a representation of shopping and gift-giving.
Press release

Mall of America Logo and Identity

Identity elements.

Identity presentation video. Animated logo and a few more applications not shown in images in this post.

Mall of America Logo and Identity

Above and below, the identity on staples of the mall experience.

Mall of America Logo and Identity

Mall of America Logo and Identity

The previous logo was a rather gaudy and unsophisticated interpretation of what MOA is, with a very poor rendition of the star and stripes and poor typography — more Big Gulp than Starbucks Macchiato. The new logo is a fantastic evolution of the same elements now executed with proper sophistication and accuracy. It’s still not Saks-Fifth-Avenue sophisticated but that’s something it can not be or should not be. The logo is simple and pretty and fun and makes you want to wrap everything you bought in colorful ribbons. It turns MOA from a kitschy destination to high-end one. We’ve seen ribbon-based logos before so, in that respect this is nothing new, but here they make conceptual sense and are perfectly applied when used as patterns and visual device to hold the name of the mall. The flexibility of the whole system is subtle yet very important to keep fresh what must be hundreds of communication materials issued monthly throughout the mall. Overall, a great system all around, from logo to prototype mugs.



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