Marketwire Logo, Before and After

Established in 1994 (originally as Internet Wire), Marketwire provides “global press release distribution, industry-leading social media monitoring and analytics, and a fully integrated marketing communications platform for content creation, optimization, distribution and measurement.” Many of the press releases we quote on Brand New come from Marketwire, as it serves more than 12,000 clients through 20 offices around the world. This week Marketwire introduced a new identity. No design credit given.

Update: Identity was done by Toronto, ON-based Compass360 in collaboration with the creative team at Marketwire.

Marketwire’s new brand promise, Beyond Words, captures the power of combining content and conversation. It articulates a renewed emphasis on personal service, advanced execution through “powerful simplicity,” exemplary performance and growth. […] Reflecting its new brand identity, Marketwire’s new logo blends two intersecting shapes, representing the integration of content distribution and social media.
Press Release

New brand introduction.




Not the most flattering or marketing-ready photos but they get the point across of the swag look.

The old logo was cute, in the way a helpless turtle turned on its back is cute, flailing legs and, um, legs — with its wi-fi signal coming out of the tittle and some default-looking sans serif, the logo had that naive early 2000s start-up look. The new logo manages to correct some of its predecessor’s misgivings through a very simple icon that gets the point across — two entities (companies vs. the media/public) connecting — and some new nice sans serif, gently tracked and sized, that adds sophistication to a service working with many Fortune 500 companies. The icon works well as both a pattern, as seen on the website, and blown-up, as seen on the coffee mug which gives it a contemporary argyle-like look. The animation at the top of the post gets a little triangle-happy at points but there are some interesting visual moments and the animation of the logo itself is well resolved. Even though there is no groundbreaking originality this is a very commendable upgrade.

Thanks to Scott Misner for the tip.

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