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Mexicana’s New Eagle

Reviewed Dec. 1, 2008 by Armin

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Mexicana Logo, Before and After

Since I travel at least once a year to Mexico and more often than not Mexicana offers the lowest price tickets I regularly find myself in their more-cramped-than-usual seats surrounded by an overall aging identity and look. The old Mexicana logo also suffered in that it resembled its biggest competitor, Aeromexico which, overall, has built a much stronger and sophisticated visual identity. Last week, Mexicana unveiled a remarkably different identity to separate it from its competitor.

Mexicana Livery, New

Mexicana Livery, New

Mexicana Livery, New

New livery schemes.

The new logo features free-flowing letters that transmit the hospitality and flexibility of an airline dedicated to customer service, while the eagle has been preserved as a symbol of the brand’s essence, reflecting the stability, consistency and solidity that have characterized Mexicana during the 90-odd years it has been operating on the domestic market. The graphics and fonts have been designed to complement each other visually, building on Mexicana’s roots and projecting it toward the future as an airline that is proud to represent Mexico on international markets.
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I believe the new identity was designed by Design:Success, a group I had never heard of. The logo is interesting, I don’t think it’s particularly great, but it really feels contemporary and airplane-y. The eagle icon may be a little too stylized, with its eye being barely visible at times… well, barely visible on-line for example, but extremely clear in the livery. I actually thought painting the tip of the plane as the face of the eagle was pretty awesome and one of the biggest challenges of airline logos is making sure it works in both directions when placed on the airplane’s tail and this one succeeds nicely. The typography is both good and bad: The mixing of upper and lower case looks kind of silly but I do like the “ex” ligature and even how the “x” cuts the “i”, which helps to emphasize “mex”, the airport code for Mexico City’s international airport. The icon and typography together also form the silhouette of an airplane, whether that’s clever or corny is certainly up for discussion.

A good improvement overall with a livelier color palette, but most important was creating an individual identity that established it as a Mexican carrier (yay for eagles!) and apart from Aeromexico. I will, however, miss these old tails with some great Mexican patterns.

Mexicana Livery, Old

Mexicana Livery, Old

Mexicana Livery, Old

Thanks to Christian Ganzo for first tip.



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