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New Logo and Packaging for Blue Bunny



Noted Mar. 15, 2016 by Armin

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(Est. 1935) “Blue Bunny, the flagship brand of Wells Enterprises, Inc., includes a delicious variety of ice cream, frozen desserts, and frozen novelties, Wells is proud to produce, market, and sell Blue Bunny branded products across the United States in places like your grocer’s freezer, your favorite restaurant, your corner convenience store, on ice cream trucks and in event venues. Today more than 400 ice cream treats are produced under the Blue Bunny brand name.”

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We also refreshed our logo to better reflect the playfulness that’s always been at the core of Blue Bunny. The fun, unique, bunny-like shape—with ears—reflects our story and our culture.

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Images (opinion after)
New Logo and Packaging for Blue Bunny
Logo detail.
New Logo and Packaging for Blue Bunny
New Logo and Packaging for Blue Bunny
A sampling of the old look.
New Logo and Packaging for Blue Bunny
Packaging before and after.
Packaging before and after, IRL.
New Logo and Packaging for Blue Bunny
Packaging detail.
New Logo and Packaging for Blue Bunny
New Logo and Packaging for Blue Bunny
New Logo and Packaging for Blue Bunny
New Logo and Packaging for Blue Bunny
TV spot. Logo animation at the end.

The old logo wasn't so much a logo as it was a banner with information that acted as the logo. While the typography and endless array of gradients were terrible, the hopping bunny was actually pretty nice and, whether intentional or not, I love how it formed the shape of an ice cream scoop. The new logo gets some bonus points for playfulness and cuteness but maybe it's too cute. I can't say it's a bad idea and I can see it's potential appeal to consumers but there is something off about it and it's mostly due to the execution. The "B" is very uncomfortably not a bunny; the "B" is the closest any letter has to be a bunny but it just looks weird, like a biological experiment gone bad. If you go up close to the logo, the "B" needs a lot of work on those curves and the typography has its own aesthetic going, separate from the "B". The packaging is an improvement simply by getting rid of all the junk that has piled on the existing packaging. The bowls are particularly decent with the bowl and ice cream scoop graphic at the center. The typography could be a whole lot better and the flavor illustrations more refined, but the overall feel achieved is effective. The typography improves slightly on some of the other packaging structures but the logo stands out in a weird/bad way, as there is nothing really tying the identity elements to it. The best element of the project is the tagline, both in tone and execution; I wish they had gone more in that slightly irreverent but still cute direction and more decisive execution.

Thanks to Andy Van Engen for the tip.

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