New Logo for Aussie World by Brother

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New Logo for Aussie World by Brother



Noted March 3, 201603.03.16 by Armin

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(Est. 1989) “Aussie World is a privately owned, medium sized, family theme park on the Sunshine Coast offering over 30 different rides, attractions and FUN in a beautifully landscaped, well maintained, safe and family friendly environment. Striking a dramatic pose on the western skyline of the Bruce Highway at Palmview, just north of the Caloundra exit and one hour north of the Brisbane Airport, the park forms part of a larger tourism precinct consisting of the Pub and the Aussie World Retail Village.”

design by

Brother (Brisbane, Australia)

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Aussie World email blast

“Filled with colour, energy and vibrancy, the new logo mark and identity echoes the brand promise - “Fun’s our thing."

Aussie World email blast


The old logo was very rollercoaster-y and, in how naive those multiple ligatures were, was relatively good, especially for an amusement park. The new logo has the right idea but the wrong execution. The ribbon gives the sensation of a rollercoaster's loops but the wobbly drawing of it with the chunky tips at the start and end is weird. It doesn't push to be smoother and it doesn't push to be wobblier, it's caught somewhere in the middle. The typography is completely slapped on, instead of being integrated with the curve of the ribbon. Hiring a letterer would have been beneficial as the typography is somewhat interesting with the reverse spikes going into the letterforms to denote speed. Overall, it feels like two logos in one with no relationship between them.

New Logo for Aussie World by Brother
Logo detail.
New Logo for Aussie World by Brother
Park mascots with new logo.

Thanks to Parker for the tip.


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