New Logo for Bingham Cup 2014 by Coast Design

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New Logo for Bingham Cup 2014 by Coast Design


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(Est. 2012) “Mark Bingham was one of a group of passengers who took amazing measures to fight, and eventually overcome, highjackers on 11 September 2001, which led to the crashing of United Airlines flight 93 in a vacant field in Pennsylvania instead of targets in Washington, D.C. In 2002, the International Gay Rugby Association and Board awarded the San Francisco Fog, a club Mark Bingham founded, the right to host the first official gay rugby world cup tournament. The Bingham Cup was born. As a man, Mark smashed the gay stereotype and the tournament in his name continues to do the same. Next year, when the tournament arrives in Sydney, teams will tackle more than each other. The players and their supporters will make a stand for inclusion, participation, equality, for diversity and for each other.” (Source: Coast Design)

design by

Coast Design (Sydney)

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The Bingham Cup Sydney 2014 logo is a unique geometric form symbolising 'United in Rugby': EQUALITY through the equals sign (=), UNITY through the connection of two rings, and rugby through the central representation of a rugby ball.

Coast Design case study


Nice, simple, and smart. And purple plus pink!

New Logo for Bingham Cup 2014 by Coast Design
Logo animation/explanation.
New Logo for Bingham Cup 2014 by Coast Design
Logo and video launch event. More images here.


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