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New Logo for Rezence by SomeOne



Reviewed Dec. 16, 2013 by Armin

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Established in 2012, the Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) is one of three or four organizations gunning for setting the standard protocol for the wireless charging of devices. Backed by Intel, Qualcomm, and Samsung among other tech giants, A4WP is an independently operated, not-for-profit organization that is pushing a notebook-sized pad (that can also be embedded in surfaces) that uses magnetic resonance to wirelessly charge smartphones and tablets. Last week, A4WP introduced the “consumer-facing brand that will act as the official name for the organization’s wireless power technology”: Rezence, designed by London-based SomeOne.

How Rezence works. (Still with the old look).
The name Rezence was derived from the words resonance and essence, communicating both the underlying technology and its ability to charge all types of electronic devices. The Rezence logo includes a simple, iconic mark in the form of a Z that can also be used as a standalone mark on a variety of applications.

Rezence press release

New Logo for Rezence by SomeOne
Logo concept.
New Logo for Rezence by SomeOne
Logo detail.
New Logo for Rezence by SomeOne
Icon detail.
New Logo for Rezence by SomeOne
The goal of the icon is to become as recognizable as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
New Logo for Rezence by SomeOne
Charging device area.
New Logo for Rezence by SomeOne
Just like the Wi-Fi Zone logos, establishments could promote wireless charging inside.
New Logo for Rezence by SomeOne
Outdoor ad prototype.

It’s an ambitious goal to create something as broadly-recognized as the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi icons but the Rezence logo has the same qualities that make those two so easy to identify: it’s minimal and it communicates quickly what it does. The lightning bolt has become shorthand for charging (at least to iPhone and iPad operators; not sure what happens in those other phones or tablets) and Rezence is smartly using it to its advantage. The “Z” shape even starts to look like a battery. It’s not a “pretty” or “creative” logo and it shouldn’t be. It’s something that you should be able to see from a distance and know that you can charge your device there (although you have to wonder about the safety of your untethered devices in a public place). This is a very successful, tiny piece of communication. Nonetheless, its ubiquity depends not in its execution but on whether Rezence becomes the standard used by all products and expected by all consumers.

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