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New Logo for Toronto Maple Leafs by Andrew Sterlachini



Noted Feb. 4, 2016 by Armin

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(Est. 1917) “The Toronto Maple Leafs are a Canadian professional ice hockey team based in Toronto, Ontario, that competes in the National Hockey League (NHL). The Maple Leafs are a member club of the league’s Atlantic Division in the Eastern Conference. The team is one of the ‘Original Six’ league members. […] The Maple Leafs have won thirteen Stanley Cup championships, second only to the 24 championships of their primary rival, the Montreal Canadiens. They won their last championship in 1967. Their 48-year drought between championships is currently the longest in the NHL. With an estimated worth of US$1.3 billion, the Leafs are the most valuable franchise in the NHL, followed by the New York Rangers and the Montreal Canadiens. In 2015, they were ranked by Forbes as the 37th most valuable sports team in the world (and the only NHL team to be in the top 50).” (Wikipedia)

Design by

Andrew Sterlachini (Fishers, IN)

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Relevant quote
“As an organization, we wanted to get back to our roots, when Conn Smythe first changed the team logo to the Maple Leaf in 1927,” said Brendan Shanahan, Toronto Maple Leafs President and Alternate Governor. “Inspired by the badge that he and his fellow Canadian soldiers wore during World War I, Smythe wanted his team to wear the badge with ‘honour, pride and courage. This is our goal for the next chapter in Leafs history. We are committed to restoring the Toronto Maple Leafs to a proud and prominent place and this classic logo will connect the team’s championship legacy with an exciting and proud future for our players, our city and for our fans.”

Maple Leafs press release

Images (opinion after)
New Logo for Toronto Maple Leafs by Andrew Sterlachini
Another before-after comparison worth making is with the 1960s logo.
New Logo for Toronto Maple Leafs by Andrew Sterlachini
Logo detail.
New Logo for Toronto Maple Leafs by Andrew Sterlachini
Logo explanation.
Dramatic logo reveal.

This is not much more than an exercise in execution after making the decision to switch back to the 1960s version of the logo. I like the current, more minimal maple leaf and 1970s phototypesetting style lettering but I also like the vintage logo and both seem like equally acceptable answers. The new logo is basically a graphic clean-up of the 1960s logo so there is nothing surprising there and the execution is fine, except for the vein under the typography… there is something really unnerving about it; like it doesn't belong there. The explanation of the number of veins and points and vein details is so arcane it's one of those things where it's so bad it's good and will drive Maple Leaf fans crazy with pride which is a weird roundabout way of praising the attention to detail.

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