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New Packaging for PangPang Summer Series by Snask


Reviewed Oct. 7, 2014 by Armin

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Established in 2011 in the Hökarängen district of southern Stockholm, PangPang Brewery is one of Sweden’s most prolific and successful nano breweries, run by Fredrik Silver, who is literally a one-man shop: brewing, bottling, labeling, and distributing one of his handful of brews to customers directly. In Swedish, “PangPang” means doing things at full speed and seizing all moments and opportunities — the word is tattooed on Fredrik’s eight front-facing knuckles, one letter on each. Ealier this year, PangPang introduced a new Summer series with a design by local firm Snask.

We helped PangPang Brewery with the packaging design. We built the concept around tiki and named the beers Cocojambo, Pelekane, Bamboleo, Libertango, Playa del Drevviken, Waikiki, Flamingo-GO, and Tiki Tango. We aim to help PangPang outbeat its competitors through the use of smart branding and gorgeous design.

Snask project page

New Packaging for PangPang Summer Series by Snask
A sampling of existing labels, used throughout the year.
New Packaging for PangPang Summer Series by Snask
New Summer series labels.
New Packaging for PangPang Summer Series by Snask

Your first reaction might be right: Why is packaging for a limited Summer series of beer from a tiny brewery in Stockholm getting a Review? Because tiki. I could have easily included this in a Friday Like this week and it would have been well received but there is a contagious energy about these labels that I thought warranted some extra attention. This, of course, is not Heineken or Miller Lite or Corona, so doing something idiosyncratic and creative at this level is easier but when the concept, as weird as it is — tiki for Swedish beers — is done with such precision and the right amount of flamboyance, it deserves some additional words and bigger pictures.

New Packaging for PangPang Summer Series by Snask
New logo for all four labels, shown in the “Bamboleo” green.
New Packaging for PangPang Summer Series by Snask
The four different names/logos.

The main PangPang lettering has such a great feel, somewhere between brush stroke and broken piece of wood signage that you would find in a small island. Then there is the perfectly kitsch coconut and palm tree that make sure you don’t take this too seriously. The individual beer names are rendered in the shittiest phototype-era-style typography, with Flamingo-Go taking the cake, and paired with, of all typefaces, Woody Allen’s favorite font, Windsor. If you look up “It’s so Bad it’s Good” in the dictionary you will find the animated GIF directly above pictured.

New Packaging for PangPang Summer Series by Snask
Bamboleo beer on its own with multiple caps.
New Packaging for PangPang Summer Series by Snask
New Packaging for PangPang Summer Series by Snask
Labels, caps, and original double-knuckle logo stickers.

The pastel color palette works great against the dark bottles and the matching caps seal the deal for me. It’s sometimes nice to see design with unbridled constraints and without global press releases — and hopefully, it’s from stuff like this that you/we/me can draw cues from to design that next million label print run for a bland beer. That is, if tiki is the appropriate course of action.

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