Penalty Logo, Before and After

Launched in 1970, as part of Brazilian company Cambuci SA, Penalty is a comprehensive product line of soccer shoes, clothing, socks, accessories, and balls. From beach soccer, to indoor soccer, to field soccer, Penalty has everything a player would need, manufacturing all of its own products locally in Brazil. Penalty is a major sponsor of soccer teams in Brazil as well as in Argentina and is the official ball of various tournaments and leagues. Earlier this year, Penalty introduced a new logo implemented across all of its products designed by Sao Paulo-based Oz Design.



Custom typeface that “Integrates the gracefulness and sensuality of curves with the precision and performance of the straight line.”


Images from the brand book.



Television ad.

Without a doubt the old logo was better. At least formally. The wing icon was bold and it looked speedy, with an equally bold and speedy italic wordmark to match. The new logo is quite annoying. At least formally. The icon has transformed into an abstract double-swoosh that depicts neither boldness nor speed, and the typography has that 1990s, rave flyer futuristic look that is rarely the ingredient of a great brand. The icon and custom typeface feel awfully antiquated despite aiming for the future. But looking at Penalty’s product line, the logo fits perfectly with everything. How crazy-looking are those balls? It also fits well with the idea of soccer-as-party, fun, exciting, 24-hour-non-stop. Like a 1990s rave, I guess. So assuming that this is what Penalty’s consumers respond to, the identity musters to pass as appropriate and maybe even a decent design direction.

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