Pitchfork Logo, Before and After

It’s hard to believe that fourteen years have already passed since Chicago-based Pitchfork launched — launching along with it, hundreds of careers of independent musicians in this span. Like other successful and fledgling online ventures that started as whims of young folks who saw a hole in the internet market years ago, Pitchfork has matured and grown up to be serious business and its new logo, introduced this week, reflects this evolution. While both old and new logos are perfectly respectable and ad hoc, the new one is definitely more “corporate”, now with the arrowed pitchfork as its own icon that, with its audience, is as recognizable as the nike swoosh. The typography is also more normal, going from a heavy slab serif to a more conventional Clarendonesque typeface. Nonetheless, the logo retains the equity of the original and, like any other product, it’s the content that matters, and Pitchfork continues to deliver in that regard. That blue graffiti top-left corner of the old web site will surely be missed though.

Thanks to Steve Spillman for first tip.

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