Brewery Ommegang Logo, Before and After

Established in 1997 and located in Cooperstown, NY, Brewery Ommegang specializes in Belgian-style ales, including BPA, Hennepin, wheat, and amber ales among other regular and seasonal brews. Brewery Ommegang is owned by Belgian brewer Brouwerij Duvel Moortgat and is distributed throughout the U.S. and in some European countries. They recently introduced a new look designed by Minneapolis, MN-based Duffy & Partners and the newly packaged product will be available for purchase in early Fall of 2012.

Brewery Ommegang Logo and Packaging

Logo detail.

Brewery Ommegang Logo and Packaging

Twitter icon.

[The] design embodies the balance of Belgian tradition and heritage with American imagination and innovation. The perfect marriage of Belgian brewing and American Craftsmanship, Brewery Ommegang’s brand identity honors its heritage and celebrates the innovation of American craft. The identity heralds the superior quality of Belgian style ales while the label for each beer is inspired by ingredients, a unique process and a bit of storytelling folklore. The brand language provided for a myriad of applications — from labels to tap-handles, shippers, a café, a visitor center, point-of-sale materials, a delivery truck, and bar swag.
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Brewery Ommegang Logo and Packaging

Old labels, above. New labels, below.

Brewery Ommegang Logo and Packaging

The old logo was remarkably decent and I like that D&P recognized that it could be evolved without throwing away all the elements. Other than the weird “O” that the old lion was clawing at, all the elements are there and basically the same: The extended “Brewery” text, now better spaced and on a curve; the condensed “Ommegang” name, also better spaced, with an interesting modification of spikes and notches on its sides that gives it a delicate blackletter look, and a simple change in shades that makes it look like a gradient without resorting to one; and the lion (which feels a bit too tight within the letters), now simplified and with a stately plaid pattern. The logo changes colors in each label and sits on top of vintage clip art illustrations that add a bit of humor and folk flavor to the beers — the Hennepin illustration is especially evil. At times the illustrations, or elements within the illustration, get too close in size with the lion in the logo, competing for attention. The rest of the label comes together well, bur if you look at it closely it’s too much of a hodgepodge of typefaces — perhaps intentional — with a different kind of sans serif than the logo’s for the beer style, plus a serif and a script that don’t quite relate to anything else. Nonetheless, the whole look is a major upgrade and it passes my very own “Does it make me want to drink a beer at 6:00 am?” test.

Brewery Ommegang Logo and Packaging

Brewery Ommegang Logo and Packaging

Brewery Ommegang Logo and Packaging

Thanks to Matthew Kennedy for the tip.

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