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Portal On-Demand

Reviewed Oct. 5, 2011 by Armin

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BT Vision Logo, Before and After

Launched in 2006, BT Vision is an on-demand digital TV service available to broadband customers of BT, the London-based über telecommunications services company. BT Vision’s offerings are broken down by genre — Film, Music, TV, Kids, Sport, and others — and can be consumed through an unlimited package or at fifty pence (about US$0.80) a show. Despite having over 5.7 million broadband customers, only 575,000 are BT Vision subscribers. This past September, BT Vision introduced a new identity and on-air look designed by Proud Creative (identity) and ManvsMachine (on-air).

The portal is the V of Vision; it’s a ‘play’ button — and it’s a transition into another space. A space of transformation, colour and life. The portal can represent BT Vision’s genres by adopting the different genre colours, and by its behaviour. The portal floats, bounces, skips and jumps; representing and reflecting the diversity and abundance of content that is BT Vision.
— Press Release

BT Vision

BT Vision

BT Vision

BT Vision

BT Vision

Idents by ManvsMachine.

The old logo looked as if someone had taken the parent company’s logo and squished it with a flyswatter. Cropped swooshes aren’t going to get anyone far either. The new logo is far more interesting conceptually and visually. The typography is simple and bold, sticking with the proprietary typeface of BT, so there wasn’t much room to explore in that regard. The V/play-button/portal icon is a nice visual device that, the way it is used and executed manages to rise above most of the clichés of a V, a play button, or a portal by being all three at once. If I had one minor quibble is that I wish the typography would go into the portal a little bit more. As it is, only the tip of the “n” is “inside” the portal making it look almost like a mistake; pushing it deeper into the portal would add more dimensionality and push the concept further. In the on-air work, the whole concept becomes more evident and exciting. At times it all reminds me of a mash-up of the motion work from Syfy and AOL. The rest of the applications are more ho-hum, at least in contrast to the exploding color powder and bubbles, but they are nice. Overall, a strong redesign that maybe will attract a few more needed hundreds of thousands of customers.

BT Vision

BT Vision

BT Vision



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