8th Continent Packaging, Before and After

In the realm of packaging for soymilk absolutely nothing comes to mind as I like my milk made of milk, but there are those that prefer their milk made out of soybeans. For some of those, their soy intake just got a little brighter with the redesign of 8th Continent soymilks by BBDO West in collaboration with UK illustrator Ben Javens

8th Continent

Illustrations by Ben Javens.

As you know, I don’t post a lot of packaging on Brand New, but this is beyond charming and, in terms of evolution, amazingly drastic. What was once painfully generic and drab packaging is now a smile-inducing breath of minimalist fresh air. Piled high on the bandwagon of the white-background/colorful-sans-serif trend, these cartons stand out through the wonderful illustrations and color palette — the wrong choice in illustrator would have made this just a big, cloying mess. Milking (pun intended) the new sun for all its brand worth, 8th Continent is inviting kids in the U.S. to draw their own sun and have it displayed on the packaging. Not a chance in hell I would switch to soymilk, but 8th Generation at least looks good despite its soyness. (Apologies to soymilk drinkers around the world!).

8th Continent

8th Continent

Thanks to Sarah Raines for the tip.

Update June 14, 2010: BBDO hired Dinetz Design to carry out this project.

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