Luther's Logo, Before and After

If there is a reason to run your own blog is so that you can break your own rules when you please. For the most part, we cover big, national and global organizations or, at the very least, regional ones here on Brand New — the only way for a relatively unknown, small organization to get on here is, as stated in our selection criteria, to be “a very compelling design story.” Snakes make for very compelling design stories. Heading south from downtown Austin, Texas into the über-cool area of South Congress, the very first shop that you see is Luther’s. Barely a year old, Luther’s is an apparel and accessories shop for bad-ass (or wannabe bad-asses) men and women, carrying hardcore jeans, boots, shirts, fedoras and a range of products like hair pomade that are, literally, impossible to find anywhere else in Texas. And the decor, set against exposed brick, is all Texas Rock ‘n’ Roll. This past Friday, the fine folks at House Industries passed through our little town to open an exhibit they set up at Luther’s and they took the opportunity to give the store a little more attitude with a revised logo.


Structurally, the new logo is clearly based on the old one, with some subtle refinements. Stylistically, well, it is scales beyond cool over the old one. And sometimes, by golly, a little stylin’ didn’t hurt anyone. As House Industries scarily notes, “there are over ten species and subspecies of rattlesnakes in Texas,” that in turn provide “a remarkably pliant and illustrative substrate for a script lettering treatment.” One of the main reasons I love this logo is said “pliance” and how it allows the logo to convey depth and volume without resorting to gradients, and works beautifully in single color. The logo manages to look menacing and cool at the same time, fitting the brand of Luther’s pretty tightly.

House Industries’ Ken Barber started off the lettering and Chris Gardner did the final rendering.



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