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Built in 2005 by Rem Koolhaas’ OMA in the city of Porto, Portugal the Casa da Música is, without a doubt, a significant architectural statement — further emphasised by its intense angles and towering presence. By using the building as a visual source, Stefan Sagmeister created a dynamic, faceted and endlessly varied identity — all literally speaking. The resulting logo is perhaps, well, not pretty, but as a vessel for the complete identity and adaptable execution it is a mighty impressive piece of design architecture itself. One on which styles, ideas, themes — specific or broad — can be projected upon. Stefan was generous to share this project with us and show what happens behind the scenes in the realization of this identity.

Casa da Música, by Rem Koolhaas

Casa da Música in Portugal, Porto by Rem Koolhaas.


Graphical views of the building

Graphical views of the building.


Alternate logos

From the different views of the building, a system of logos is created.



Through the different views of the building, 17 facets are defined — from those a 17-point color-picking mechanism is created.



Need we say that the possibilities are endless?


Color Generator

And what would a mutable identity be without its own customized software?



To further enhance the felxibility of the identity, the logo can be used in a scary number of freeing ways. [Click here for bigger view]


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