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The Hague — beyond being beautiful in a way that only European cities can and besides being the third largest city in the Netherlands and a cultural haven in its own right — is home to three of the most exciting and wildly innovative type designers/collectives in the world: Peter Bilak, Underware and Letterror. With such a well of talent in that city — because beyond these typographers there are many designers as well — you would think that The Hague’s new marketing identity would reflect a modern, cutting-edge sensibility that catapults it into the 21st century. Not the Middle Ages. As is the case with the new logo designed by “famous pop star photographer, film director and graphic designer” Anton Corbijn and unveiled back in November 1, 2006 (yes, we are a little late) to much fanfare. To briefly explain the logo: The red mark is an outline of the city, the rest… Who knows, but Corbijn wanted his design to “express feelings of security, life, progress and playfulness.” And the stork, the city’s official symbol, was not required, although I could easily picture flying somewhere in that logo. Which would not be a bad place to start actually: If I were in charge of this project — something I like to daydream about on all these projects — I would call UnderWare and say “Please design a typographic logo for Den Haag with the stork as inspiration”. Sit back. Wait for an e-mail with an attachment. Throw big party. Move forward — not backward.

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