UniMás Logo, Before and After

Launched in 2002 as TeleFutura by parent network Univision and quickly rising as the second most watched U.S. Spanish-language television network, the recently renamed UniMás has been retooled specifically for Hispanic millennials with programming geared to a “younger, bicultural audience,” as well as complementing Univision’s programming plus being its “cultural connection más the coolest content for young, U.S.-based Latinos.” The new name was conceived internally as a combination of “Uni” from Univision and “Más” for “More” and “Plus” in Spanish while the identity and on-air graphics were designed by Troika.

The UniMás name was brought to life through a logo mark that alludes to Univision’s signature “U” shape, but delivers a distinctly youthful feel through a fresh twist on the mark. To call attention to the network’s brand promise of more, the logo features bold “Más” typography to contrast the thinner “Uni” font that precedes it.

“UniMás’ new logo and graphic design truly exemplify the Más Generation - Hispanic Millennial trendsetters,” said Ruth Gaviria, senior vice president, Corporate Marketing at Univision.
Press Release

UniMás Logo and On-Air

Logo animation and sound mnemonic.

The previous logo and name were fairly trite so nothing there will be missed. The new name is a little awkward. It makes sense, it’s readable, and it doesn’t try to apply the “Xtreme” filter that is sometimes used for millennials but it ends up sounding either corporate or like a pharmaceutical company. The logo is also a little awkward too but manages to work. The icon has the right idea of taking a cue from the main Univision logo by mimicking the left-side of its iconic “U” and then, well, going “Xtreme” on the right side with an ambiguously shaped “U”. It definitely feels edgy and youthful even if it’s impossible to tell what it’s supposed to be or look like. The wordmark borrows Univision’s “uni” typography — being smarter about it than the other Univision member, Galavision — and then adds the “Más” heavy, italic typography at the same angle as the icon above (the “M” also has the same rounded top as the icon, fwiw). The logo is not particularly elegant or fetching but it gets the right message across: this is part of Univision but it’s edgier. And, as usual, Troika’s strength lies in its experience and visual prowess for on-air packages and this one helps elevate the logo and further establish the attitude for the younger demographic.

The network’s on-air brand identity features vibrant colors and sharp 2D graphics to stand out against competing 3D network graphic packages. The identity is rooted in croppings of the UniMás logo to create frames for footage, graphics, and information.
Press Release

Montage of new on-air look.

Launch campaign spot.

UniMás Logo and On-Air

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