Victoria Logo, Before and After

Located in Central London, the Victoria district is a high traffic area thanks to Victoria Station, a complex that serves the Underground, railway, and buses, with more than 100 million passengers going through every year. Victoria also includes Tate Britain, Buckingham Palace and three Royal Parks, but unlike other districts like The City, Soho, or the South Bank, Victoria doesn’t quite have a defined personality. Land Securities, the largest commercial property company in the UK that develops and manages high-end office, retail, and residential space and has many properties in Victoria is looking to establish an identity for the district, which has been designed by London-based SomeOne.

Promo video. A little long, but good to get a sense of the place.

Victoria Logo and Identity

Identity elements.

Victoria Logo and Identity

The V-shaped system displays the contrasting elements of the district.

Victoria Logo and Identity

Victoria Logo and Identity

Victoria Logo and Identity

Destination branding at the very local level is no different than branding a city or country, you still have to find that one thing that establishes a connection to the place. This identity manages to do that with a couple of elements: one is the contrast of themes in the district, as shown in the “V” examples above, but those could apply for other parts of London so what makes them work for Victoria is almost a dumb approach… they are used in a V-shaped device. It might seem obvious, but with it, a kind of mnemonic device is created. The other aspect that helps make this identity appropriate is the wordmark, set in Andes by Hernández Type, which has a lovely “R” with a bit of a kick in its terminal, giving the otherwise tame sans serif some of edge but at the same time almost like an upscale fashion brand. The angled line that cuts the “V” looks strange when you see the logo on its own (which I am guessing will rarely happen) but makes sense in the applications. Overall, and speaking as a non-Londoner, the identity gives me a pretty good sense of what the area is all about.

Victoria Logo and Identity

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