Just a quick apology regarding the polls on the B-Side: For the past week or two weeks, many logos that would normally have a majority of “Bad” votes have been appearing as getting more “Great” votes than they deserve. Some have expressed in the comments that it is the result of bots, or people from that company coming in and voting en masse. It’s not. It was my fault. I’m the dumbass. If you care to know: For every post there is an XML text file that gathers the votes. In theory these text files start out with 0, 0, 0 counts for Great, Fine, and Bad, respectively. But for some reason, the file I have been using as a template for the last week or two had 186 already logged under Great, so that’s why the polls are off. I’ll see if I can fix the old ones.

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May 21, 201305.21.13 by Armin

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