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Where the Cold Wind Blows

Nordkyn Logo, New

Right at the very top of Europe where, if you were to go further North, you would eventually find yourself at the South of the world, lies the Nordkyn peninsula. Home to two municipalities — Gamvik and Lebesby — in the county of Finnmark, Norway. Nordkyn is cold. Arctic cold. It is also scenic. Dreamy scenic. Perfect for a Coen brothers movie. The two municipalities have come together to promote tourism to the peninsula and worked with Oslo-based Neue Design Studio to create an identity that, literally, reflects the nature of this destination: Visit Nordkyn.

The visual identity is based on two main ingredients; our newly developed payoff, “Where nature rules,” and weather statistics from the�Norwegian Meteorological Institute. A feed of weather statistics affects the logo to change when the direction of the wind or the temperature changes. On the website, the logo updates every five minutes. We developed a logo generator where Visit Nordkyn can download their logo to the exact weather conditions of that particular moment. Nordkyn is truly a place where nature rules, even over the visual identity.
Neue Project Description


Structure of the changing icon. Notice the “Calm” state at bottom left.


Colors cover a range of temperature from -25°C (-13°F) to 25°C (77°F).

Animation showing the logo changing direction and colors.


Sample iterations of the logo. Click image for bigger view.


It may be just be the Candy Store Color Overdose Effect that has me hypnotized, but I really like this identity. It’s avant-garde and chillingly simple in a way that can only be pulled off convincingly by a Nordic design firm and client. That may sound like a weird categorization of work, but design coming out of this region has these really amazing qualities. The icon itself is deceivingly simple, with a single point that stretches in the direction the wind blows, giving it the appearance of extensive flexibility that, when paired with the muted rainbow of colors, makes it feel infinitely mutable. The typography goes almost unnoticed but provides just enough personality to make the logo feel scientific and official.

This is not Miami, Rome, Fiji, or any other city that needs a watered down identity to appeal to the masses. The Nordkyn peninsula is probably not for everybody and I doubt that the tourism effort is meant to attract the Disneyland tourists so I have no problem with this identity being awkward and even uninviting in the sense that we consider destination identities should be inviting. It helps establish the mystique and peculiarity of the place.

Lastly, for those who will want to point this out: Yes, it does feel reminiscent of Stefan Sagmeister’s flexible identity for Casa da Música in Portugal. And, no, this doesn’t look like a rip-off.





Business card.






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