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Warriors in Alternate Universe

Warriors in Alternate Universe

After yesterday’s Golden State Warriors post, I got a couple of tips about this alternate, non-real identity suggested by Pete McClelland in 2017 that’s pretty nice.


Linked Jun. 18, 2019


2019 LogoLounge Trends

2019 LogoLounge Trends

LogoLounge’s logo trend report for 2019 is now out and includes categories like “Morse Shade” and “Highlights” (shown).


Linked Jun. 17, 2019


Hershey’s goes the Full Emoji

Hershey's goes the Full Emoji

For a limited time this Summer, Hershey’s chocolate milk bars will feature something else on their product other than the Hershey’s wordmark for the first time in 125 years, and it will be emojis. 🤨


Linked May. 30, 2019

Brand New Conference Updates

Las Vegas (2019)
Pre-sale tickets are now available for the 2019 Brand New Conference in Las Vegas, on October 17 – 18. / Register now! /

New York (2018)
Videos of all the presentations of the 2018 Brand New Conference are now available for purchase as individual files ($8 each) or the whole 16 as a set ($90). / Browse videos /

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New Logo for Tetris

New Logo for Tetris
Spotted Jun. 17, 2019

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