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A Spark in the Wrong Place

Reviewed May. 23, 2011 by Armin

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AMP Logo, Before and After

Founded in 1849 and originally named The Australian Mutual Provident Society, AMP is a 6,000-employee financial services providing banking, home loans, insurance, retirement, and investment options to over 3.8 million customers in Australia and New Zealand. In March, AMP merged with AXA Asia Pacific Holdings — previously part of French insurance giant AXA — and yesterday introduced a new logo, designed by the Sydney office of Landor to represent the new company.

The new logo is a modern, highly differentiated identity for the new AMP, representing the promise, energy and dynamism of the merged company. The time is right — we are ready for this change.
Press Release

Brand introduction video.

AMP logo history lesson and a bit more on the new logo.

AMP Logo, Before and After

The old logo made AMP look like a financial company from the 1980s, which is exactly where those old-fashioned stripes resembling mobility were born. As we all know, financial brands have changed over the years to be overly friendly, portray accessibility, and become as much a lifestyle brand as Apple or Nike. The new logo makes AMP far perkier and more attractive than before, but it’s also a little bit ridiculous, like when a lawyer goes to a rock concert wearing the event’s black t-shirt tucked in his jeans. The icon itself is sort of interesting, with a bold and energetic graffiti-style execution but it’s just tagging the wrong wall. Making abstract sparks into convincing corporate identities is a hard trick to pull off and I’m not convinced Landor or AMP succeed in this case. The typography is decent and at least it’s not another sans serif. Perhaps the best thing about the whole identity is the over-the-top-visual-effects brand video introduction which gives some creative credibility and foundation to the spark, but brand videos don’t generally make it to customers, so it still needs to be seen if that energy can be translated into boring things like superannuation brochures.

Thanks to Andrew Farrugia for first tip.



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