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A Working City Rises

Reviewed May. 13, 2010 by Armin

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Workopolis Logo, Before and After

Started in the long distant past of the year 2000, Workopolis began with a modest 15,000 job listings. Today, it is Canada’s largest job search web site with an average of 40,000 job postings available every day. Recently, Workopolis launched a new brand campaign, headed by the tag line of “Time to Shine” that replaces the more me-focused tag line of “Canada’s biggest job site” and puts forward a revised logo.

The advertising campaign and positioning was done by Canadian agency Zulu Alpha Kilo, and I am guessing they also did the logo update, as there is no other credit to be found. The good thing is that this is a fairly straightforward review. There is no big concept or strategy behind the redesign, simply, it was a matter of making it better. And it is.

For one, I’m sure all Gotham haters will be relieved that the new logo does not use it, and instead employs a very charming, old-style geometric with its low-riding “R.” In contrast to the old, sloppy typography there wasn’t much of a challenge to improve, yet it still is quite commendable. Good riddance to the “.com”! The icon is also an improvement, although it could be debated whether the buildings look more like books (in which case it would make for a killer library logo), but with the name clearly attached to it and as long as one knows that polis stands broadly for city, there shouldn’t be any confusion. I really like how this is an evolution that demonstrates how feasible it is to improve if desired.

Thanks to Michael J. Young for first tip.



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