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<em>All Colour Is</em>

Sponsored Jun. 15, 2020 by Brand New

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All Colour Is is a documentary film project into the journeys of BIPOC Creatives across various disciplines. It will tell their stories on the desire to succeed, the peaks and valleys and being more than a visible minority in one of the largest industries in the world – Design. We’re wanting to speak with creatives from Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Interior Design, Architecture, Fashion, Advertising, Illustration or Photography. Those who are willing to share their stories and their insights on how and what it took to continue to do what they enjoy as a profession.

If you, or know someone who would like to share their story, please get in touch:


<em>All Colour Is</em>
From the moment we were tearing through our first set of crayons, we knew we were creative and we knew we were different. Our challenges are and have been both both internal and external. From looking to be taken seriously and seen with respect to how we worked our way through design school, jobs and our relationships with superiors, colleagues, friends and even family. However, how would the world be able to see us if we couldn’t even see ourselves in the world? What we BIPOC Creatives also share is the unique experience of not having certain opportunities and not occupying certain creative spaces because we have what the majority of individuals in creative industries do not – a darker shade of pale. Yet in spite of this uphill battle we continue to find the joy and purpose as Creatives.

Michael Sinanan, director

To learn about how this project came to be, you can read this post.

Ed.’s Note: This post (and the banner ad you will see on Brand New) are being provided free of charge to the initiative. This is one small way for us to contribute to the current conversation about racism and stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter. We would be delighted to help amplify others’ similar efforts and messages intended to reach a design audience, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at if you think we can help.


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