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American Athletic Conference

Noted May. 31, 2013 by Armin

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American Athletic Conference Logo, New

About: (Est. 2013) “The American Athletic Conference (sometimes shortened to The American) is an American collegiate athletic conference that will be established in 2013. Its charter member institutions are located primarily in the eastern and southern part of the United States. It will be headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island. The conference will participate in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I in athletic competitions; for football, it will be part of the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS), formerly known as Division I-A.” (Source: Wikipedia).

Design by: N/A.

Ed.’s Notes: Pardon my French American, but holy shit, that is one terrible logo. Every single graphic decision here is wrong: Slab serif with like 12 different strokes? Wrong. Star with one point sticking out? Wrong. Individual circular gradient for each letter? So fucking wrong. Bigger view of another lock-up below (or after the jump).

Relevant links: Norwich Bulletin story. USA Today story.

Select quote:“It’s a bold look,” Aresco said. “Obviously this is a media world we live in, and we wanted to make sure we had the kind of mark that would be distinctive and would make an impact when people saw it. We wanted it to be something people would like and remember, but the notion really was to make it as simple as possible but also strong.”

American Athletic Conference Logo, New

Thanks to James I. Bowie for first tip.



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