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Amsterdam Gay Pride

Noted Mar. 20, 2013 by Armin

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Amsterdam Gay Pride Logo, Before and After

About: (Est. 1996) “Amsterdam Gay Pride is a week to remember where we have been, celebrate how far we have come and take pride in where we are going. It is a captivating festival that salutes the power and beauty of sexual diversity. Bursting with loving energy and colourful creativity the party makes sure no one escapes the provoking and entertaining vibe of giving everyone the right to be who they are and love whoever they choose.”

Design by: VBAT.

Ed.’s Notes: Nice, subtle take on the rainbow color palette. Bigger and single-color versions of the logo below (or after the jump).

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Provided quote: “AGP has approached VBAT to create this new identity as the former ‘We Are’ logo, also developed by VBAT in 2008, will be used in a broader context as hallmark for all gay events in Amsterdam in the future. Therefore a new dedicated festival identity was wanted.”

Amsterdam Gay Pride

Amsterdam Gay Pride



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