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Atlas Designed

Reviewed Oct. 27, 2011 by Armin

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Atlassian Logo, New

Established in 2002 in Sydney, Australia, Atlassian is a “private, global software company that builds tools for software development and collaboration.” Their products range from project tracking tools to collaboration and Wiki tools to development tools and they can either be installed or hosted on the proverbial cloud. Atlassian now has three offices around the world with 400 employees and over 27,000 customers. This week, Atlassian introduced a new logo. Tips of who designed it are welcome.


Named after Atlas who, long story short, in Greek mythology is a titan punished by the gods to hold the “heavens” on his shoulders, Atlassian’s logo provides a graphic interpretation of this. With the previous logo being absolutely hideous and more appropriate for a bad government initiative than a groundbreaking tech startup. Everything about it skewed wrong: the wrong swoosh, the wrong humanoid figure, the wrong typeface. Amazingly, these same three elements were salvaged into one of my favorite icons of the year. I kid you not. It’s the first time I see a globe/swoosh and amorphous humanoid that not only doesn’t make me want to puke but is actually perfectly crafted. The shape, thickness and counterspaces are perfectly balanced. The swoosh is thick yet subtle and in great harmony with the figure. The typography is a little Facebook-ish, but it has a nice matching “A” with the crossbar mimicking the counterspaces of the icon.


Logos for suite of applications and tools.

The logo extends nicely to suit the different applications as well as other initiatives of Atlassian. Even if the icon isn’t there, the visual language is consistent throughout. The whole look, feel, and language of their website is perfectly integrated and certainly portrays what a grown-up start-up should look like online.


A few highlights.


Great 404 page.

Thanks to Kit Grosen for the tip.



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