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Badass Pony

Reviewed Sep. 3, 2008 by Armin

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Ford Mustang Badge, Before and After

I don’t know much about cars, or what makes a good car good, and I haven’t owned one in five years, but somehow I know that Ford Mustangs kick ass. Or at least they appear to. Regardless… as Ford prepares for the launch of the 2010 edition of the Mustang they have issued a press release for the redesign of the badge. Fitting somewhere between logo design and sculpture, this new pony comes with some of the most awesome (and I strangely mean this without sarcasm) press releasing: It’s just a faster-looking steed.We lifted the head to make the pony more proud, tipped the neck into the wind to give it a feeling of greater speed and better balance.It’s more chiseled and more defined and looks more like a wild horse. And indeed it is! It really looks like it could do even more ass kicking than the previous version. The differences are hard to discern so I quickly put this overlay together (yellow is the new badge). I love it when companies obsess over details to make a stronger visual, reminds me a little of Matthew Carter’s redrawing of the MoMA logo. Giddy up!

Thanks to Jason who already reported it on his blog for the tip.



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