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Baked, Not Fried is the New Shaken, Not Stirred

Reviewed Mar. 30, 2009 by Armin

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Baked Lay's Packaging, Before and After

Unlike your run of the mill, delicious chips that are fried in fatty goodness, Frito Lay’s Baked! chips — exclamation point theirs — are, as the name exclamingly implies, baked for the health-conscious consumer. Where most chips contain 10 grams of fat, Baked! touts only 1.5 grams. I don’t buy chips often, only when I’m road-tripping and that has happened, like, three times in the past five years so I somewhat embarrassingly admit that I had no idea of the existence of Baked! Lay’s, which have been on the market since 1996. I must be a sucker for pretty things but I have to say that seeing this new packaging does tempt me to look for them on my next road trip or, more likely, on my next trip to the grocery store.

Baked Lay's Packaging, Old

Old Baked! Lay’s packaging. [Image source]

Baked Lay's Packaging, New

New Baked! Lay’s packaging. [Image source]

The redesign was done by Seattle-based Hornall Anderson, who have been doing some heavy-hitting packaging for the best part of the last twenty or so years. For the new Baked! Lay’s they have taken the female consumer as their main target audience:

We translated key consumer insights into emotionally impactful designs that reconsidered everything from mouth-watering photography, packaging size, portion control, tone of voice and visual personality to create a fresh and inspiring look and feel. With a focus on both product and differentiation in the grocery aisle, the new packaging encourages female consumers to stop and re-consider the chip aisle as a place “for me.”
Hornall Anderson project page

Nonsense press releasing aside, the design speaks for itself. It’s clean, simple and manages to look healthy without having to scream about it. It also manages to evolve the basic visual design structure of the old packaging with the revised sunburst and similar positioning of the elements. One of the nicest things of the redesign is how well the Baked! branding integrates with strong, established brands like Cheetos and Doritos as seen below.

Baked Lay's Packaging, Co-brands

As part of the scope, Hornall Anderson also designed the Flat Earth (shown below) packaging, the 100 Calorie packs, and a new brand called Smartfood.

Flat Earth Packaging

Thanks to Clint Williams for first tip, and for sending this image from the field, and to Joe Hribar for sending us extended links.



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