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Because Two Years is a Lifetime

Reviewed Jun. 5, 2008 by Armin

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Lifetime Logo, Before and After

Lifetime, the “the leader in women’s television,” launched a new identity recently, appearing magically on air without much celebration — not even a change of the logo on their web site and, less cordially to Brand New, without a press release. The nerve! So, what we have to go by — and I’m pretty proud of being the only place online to have a straight up shot of the new logo — is a photo I took of a poster in the subway announcing some show I can’t remember but that luckily showed the logo on a white background that I could isolate for the graphic above. So, there is not much we know about this, other than, well, it’s a channel for women, and the new logo replaces the lameness of a logo they released a mere two years ago.

Lifetime Logo, Detail

The new logo is actually pretty interesting, as it is a departure from most of the current branding on cable. It’s a little messy, it’s personal, it’s not offered as a tight little package and it looks pretty great on screen. This logo makes much more sense as an evolution of the older logo (shown below) than the stale wordmark they created last, which I have always considered more appropriate as a logo for a prescription medicine. The style and final execution of the new logo can be debated, but I think conceptually it has the right attitude and feel.

Lifetime Logo, Previous

Lifetime logo from 1995 – 2006.

Since there is not much else to share about this logo I thought it would be fun, and an ad hoc opportunity, to share some logo explorations that we did back in 2005 when I was at Pentagram. We were approached by Lifetime to do explorations (paid, of course) when they were looking to replace the italic wordmark they had used for more than ten years. These never went beyond the first round of ideas, so they are not finessed or fully conceptualized. And I am in no way showing them as a better alternative to the new logo, just sharing.

Lifetime Logo Exploration

I complain a lot about logos that mix upper and lowercase, but here I gave it a try, and I was trying to mimic the flowy “f” from the previous logo in a sans serif typeface. And then lots of pretty colors.

Lifetime Logo Exploration

This one was Michael Bierut and our intern at the time, Ross Channing, going for a very stylized “L” icon that could also be read as an infinite symbol. More pretty colors, just muted.

Lifetime Logo Exploration

The idea on this one, by Elizabeth Holzman, was that Lifetime could be rendered in a bunch of signatures that would represent its viewers. The colors were simple black, blue and red, your typical ballpoint pen colors.

Lifetime Logo Exploration

This is one of the logos that earn me the notoriety of designing “girly”. I enjoy loopies, and this one is candy-colored. The “f” is probably huge, but something that could have been fixed.

Lifetime Logo Exploration

This one was my favorite. Using a flower was probably a cliche, but that’s why I paired it with Gotham Ultra, so that it wasn’t just a pretty flower. And since it was a flower, the idea was that the colors would change with the seasons.


And to keep things more current, our animated GIForialist, Von Glitshka, would like to share some of the explorations he and a few colleagues presented to Lifetime for this round.

Lifetime Logo Exploration

Designed by Von Glitschka.

Lifetime Logo Exploration

Designed by Jeff Pollard.

Lifetime Logo Exploration

Designed by Paul Howalt.



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