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Best Buy’s New Tag

Reviewed Oct. 10, 2008 by Armin

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Best Buy Logo, Before and After

Update #2: A good branding samaritan has sent in the official logo for Best Buy and the appropriate images have been updated, so the above image is the official logo. The logo is set in a modified version of Klavika.

Update #1: The above logo is not the official logo, I apologize for the confusion. At JasonNessa.com where I got the logo from, clearly states “The replicated logo above will give you a very close look of what the new logo looks like, but NOT the exact look.” which was my oversight. Nonetheless there is something odd going on as the logo on the backdrop and the store sign are indeed different.

Founded in 1966 as Sound of Music and renamed to Best Buy in 1983, the consumer electronics giant is one of the largest and most ubiquitous retailers of its kind with its low prices, khaki-and-blue-polo employee uniforms and slightly deafening store experience. With more than 1,000 locations worldwide Best Buy opened a 45,000-square-foot in Minneapolis’ Mall of America on August 6 and, more thrilling (at least for me) than the August 8th performance and autograph signing by New Kids on the Block, is the new logo that adorns the entrance to the store.

New Kids on the Block at Mall of America

New Kids on the Mall.

The yellow tag logo that has become so easily identifiable (thanks in part to being rendered as Yao Ming-sized on the front of their stores) is amazingly almost twenty years old, introduced in 1989, and as recognizable as it is, it probably was time for a reassessment. There is no information anywhere about the new logo, and there is no acknowledgment of the change anywhere on Best Buy’s web site, so we go by with what we know about design and the brand.

Best Buy Old Logos

1966 and 1983 logos.

Best Buy Logo, Detail

To me, the move was very explicitly done to soften the look of the old logo and make it feel a little more upscale — specially in light of recent news that the latest Best Buy to open in Aurora, Colorado was designed to be more friendly and accessible for women. The old logo definitely felt like it belonged in the $1 bin, perhaps appropriately. The new logo, set in Neo Sans in a modern sans serif set in a modified version of Klavika and with a refined tag, feels contemporary and fresh, I wonder though if it’s too big of a departure from the original but it may have been hard to achieve a softer look working within the tag. I do like the new logo, even more so as I never quite liked the old one. Hopefully we will eventually learn more about the new identity. In the meantime here are some Flickr-pulled images from the new store at the Mall of America.

Best Buy at the Mall of America

Photo by djcn0te.

Best Buy at the Mall of America

Photo by trypnotic.

Best Buy at the Mall of America

Photo by ronaldhennessy.

Thanks to Nick Oelke for first tip. And also major thanks to Jason Nessa for having the only graphic of the new logo in all of the internets.



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