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Blimpie Loses Air, Crashes

Reviewed Feb. 5, 2009 by Armin

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Blimpie Logo, Before and After

Deep within the recesses of the year 1964 and the New Jersey city of Hoboken, Blimpie has been making barely acceptable sub sandwiches nationwide that are just barely less better than their main competitor, Subway. But my opinion of the taste of their subs doesn’t really matter, what matters is that in contrast to Subway, Blimpie has always had the “funner” look and feel, helped in no small part by its cute name. The previous logo and the iterations before it were fun and distinctive, even if not great or influential. The new logo… Yeah, it’s Futura Extra Bold, set in all caps, woo-hoo. Going from fun and distinctive to boring and generic, which matches the taste of their lettuce, I’ll grant that. Every now and then we mention how redesigns are lost opportunities and sometimes it’s just hot air, but in this case, I really think it was a blatant miss.

Thanks to Josh Berta for the tip.



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