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Bretagne’s Stripes

Bretagne Logo, Before and After

Bretagne (Brittany in English) is a region in the nortwhest of France. While I have never been to Bretagne, the region holds a special place in my heart as it is the fictional home to Asterix’s village which resided right on the coast of a peninsula sticking out at the northwest of the northwest of France. But Asterix doesn’t pay the region’s bills and it doesn’t attract tourists or businesses, so the Agence économique de Bretagne has just launched a new identity to represent the region and has launched two separate sites with slightly different moods and information, one for tourism and one for businesses. The identity was designed by Lyon-based Communiquez (who were here last week for their design of La Manche — in case you are wondering, they didn’t submit work to be featured, they just happened to be the design firm of two separate identities that caught my attention).


The Bretagne flag.

The logo is based on the simple and striking black-and-white flag of Bretagne. The striped “E”s are a direct reference to it. Obvious perhaps but delightfully bold and relevant. The wordmark is set in TheMix designed by Luc(as) de Groot, a little dry but, of course, perfectly crafted. Slightly more gratuitous is a “BE” monogram that is supposed to act as “copyrighting” mechanism like Comedy Central or, you know, like the copyright symbol.


Holding shape for logo to be used with partners.


Sample of logo in holding shape on partner content.

The identity consists of two broad applications. The first uses the logo in a trapezoid that gets placed on top of Bretagne’s partner content as an endorsing mark. In the examples above the effect is subtle yet effective, allowing each partner to do whatever they want as long as they leave a little space for the logo. The second application is for materials coming out of the Bretagne brand, that use a nice visual device of bold black-and-white stripes in the lower half of the cover of communication materials, reinforcing the basis of the logo. Again, simple but effective.


Bretagne-specific communication materials.



Logo-laden liveries.

This identity is not perfect or groundbreaking but it’s one of the most solid destination identities, expandable to multiple materials, that have come through here in a while. A website, in French, with all the details of the new identity can be found here.

Thanks to Paul Vickers for the tip.



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