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Cadillac Switches Materials

Reviewed Oct. 9, 2009 by Armin

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Cadillac Logo, Before and After

Cadillac, maker of cars that I am willing to assume are out of our budget, has quietly introduced a revised version of its emblem, which has been evolving for more than hundred years old when it first appeared in 1906 as a depiction of the family coat of arms of the founder of Detroit in the early 1700s, Antoine Laumet de La Mothe, sieur de Cadillac, after whom the car company was named. Over the years — here you may find an interesting article about the previous redesign and a summary of all logos — the logo has evolved ever more minimal, dropping the ducks and crown from the original, arriving at a stealth-looking logo in 1999, the year of the last redesign.

Cadillac Logo, Detail

There is no press release and the new logo is not even on the Cadillac web site, but its Facebook page merrily sports the new logo and the latest campaign, “May the Best Car Win,” from its parent company, GM, signs off with the new logo. I also believe it’s here at a tiny size. It took me a few minutes to confirm that the new one was indeed the new one, since it looks like a step back, or at least a step away from relative simplicity. The old one felt more like stainless steel and the new one like a metallic crown filling or, put less graphically, cheap. The texture in the coat of arms is kind of interesting and it has been executed much better than the wreath for sure but it feels overly detailed. The old emblem is something that would look great on an Escalade, the new emblem should probably be run over by one.

Thanks to Alex Donegan for the tip.



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